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DIA Through the Fire We Charge Men's Tee Shirt

DIA Through the Fire We Charge Men's Tee Shirt

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We all have to face the flames someday. Our veterans who have already been baptized by fire through combat had no choice but to forge ahead when the enemies they faced converged upon their positions.

Our first responders also do it daily. Whether it's a police officer facing violent opposition as they attempt to apprehend a suspect, or a heroic rush through a burning house by a firefighter to ensure that all is clear. 

We all face choices, and sometimes they are tough. You have a single decision to make. Do you cower in fear and shy away? Or do you charge through the fire and do what needs to be done regardless of the danger to yourself?

We salute all of you who choose the greater good over yourself. You are the celebrities in our books. You are who we celebrate and honor. 

And we charge right alongside you!

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