There is another epidemic in this country, a shadow epidemic, that is less visible than viral epidemics or drug addiction. Mental Health disorders in this country are a major epidemic and military veterans disproportionately suffer from various mental health disorders often caused by PTSD.
The Veteran's Affairs Administration admits that less than 50% of all returning veterans that need it receive mental health care. These effects are unseen byproducts of long deployments, traumatic experiences, continuously high levels of stress, and mental fatigue experienced by combat and non-combat veterans alike. The VA also acknowledges that approximately 22 veterans commit suicide each day. The suicide rate for non-veterans was 1.8% compared to a suicide rate of 7.2% for military veterans.
At DIA, we want to do something about it. Many of us served over THERE. We left much of ourselves over there and when we came home, we couldn't fully be HERE to continue emotionally healthy lives. The DIA There series is our way of contributing to veterans suffering from mental health issues. It is time we left our past over THERE and focus on being the best people we can be HERE. We deserve to be happy in spite of everything we have endured during our military service for this country.
Proceeds from the sale of these shirts will be donated to veteran focus charities with the goal of raising awareness and helping address veterans' mental health disorders. Our bodies are physically HERE, join us in helping transition our minds as well.