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DIA KIDS Pathfinder Find Yourself Out There T-Shirt

DIA KIDS Pathfinder Find Yourself Out There T-Shirt

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Who we are is a combination of who we are born to, what culture we are raised in, our faith, our environment, and a whole complex exchange of outside influences. All of that is fine but often times we are forced into "being" someone or something that truly doesn't align to our core selves.

When this happens it impedes our ability to find greatness within ourselves because greatness comes from truth, your personal truth. It's time for you to go out there and find it. Go into the wilderness of life and find a path that feels right to you. Explore it. Learn about its peculiarities, its pitfalls, and its positive experiences. Then take who you were and merge that into who you've become and there you will find your own personal greatness.

Find your own path somewhere out there!

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