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DIA KIDS Wolves Don't Perform In a Circus T-Shirt

DIA KIDS Wolves Don't Perform In a Circus T-Shirt

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It's time to look in the mirror and ask yourself that question. Who are you performing for if it isn't for yourself? The mega-corporation that pays you a decent wage but takes your hard work and profits handsomely from it? Your neighbors and family who impose expectations on you based on their perceptions of you? Your church community? Your colleagues?

If you aren't pursuing greatness and freedom for yourself then you're living life all wrong. Those "Tigers" that perform well at their jobs are shortchanging themselves. If they can close million-dollar deals for an already rich company but only bring home 2% of that, then why aren't they closing those deals for themselves? What about the "Lions" struggling to live up to a false image just to please a community or people around them. They look like go-to leaders whose energy can be leeched and sapped by those wanting to take advantage of their abilities.

We say put all of your talents to work for yourself! Don't dance to the tune of a song you despise. Cut the strings and narrow your focus. Go on the hunt like a wolf and do what brings you happiness and betterment. No more excuses. Just get out there and chase greatness for your own sake, no one else's!
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