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DIA Make Three Zero Charlie Poster

DIA Make Three Zero Charlie Poster

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Air Force Legend John Chapman


This poster commemorates the sacrifice of the Medal of Honor-winning American hero, John Chapman. Affectionally called "Chappy" by his friends and family. His legacy will live on forever with us and anyone who hears his heroic story.

Call-Sign Mako Three Zero Charlie. John Chapman enlisted in the United States Air Force on Sept. 27, 1985, as an information systems operator. But he felt called to be part of Air Force special operations. In 1989, he cross-trained to become an Air Force combat controller. A role he would make legendary.

Fast forward to 2002. Chapman took part in Operation Anaconda. A special operation to push the Taliban out of Afghanistan by establishing a series of observation posts. One such post was Takur Ghar.

Attached to a Navy SEAL Team, they attempted to take control of the mountaintop to establish an observation post, but were repelled by overwhelming enemy firepower. During the helo retreat, a SEAL team member fell from the helo, perishing in the deep snow on the mountaintop.

After returning to safety, the SEAL team and John Chapman decided to return to retrieve their fallen comrade's body. When the team touched down once again on Takur Ghar, they were under heavy fire from multiple bunkers and had to fight uphill in thigh-high snow. Chapman charged through the snow ahead of his team, who were effectively suppressed by the enemy. Chapman killed two Taliban fighters in a bunker at close range. He entered the bunker with a SEAL team member and engaged the heavy machine gun in the adjacent bunker. At which point he was wounded and lost consciousness.

The SEAL team leader saw Chapman lying motionless and decided to retreat downhill with the remainder of his team. Leaving Chapman behind. An AC130 gunship was called in and pummeled the mountaintop in an attempt to destroy the Taliban outposts and to retrieve their fallen comrades. During this time, Chapman experienced the hellacious destruction from his position on the mountain. Danger close is an understatement.

Chapman regained consciousness and continued to engage the enemy coming from all sides by himself, alone. At one point, Taliban made it into his bunker. Killing them in hand-to-hand combat. When another helicopter with Army Rangers approached to rescue him, he charged out of his bunker to protect the helo after it was hit by an RPG. Distracting the enemy with his final remaining rounds long enough for the Rangers to disembark.

Unfortunately, this legendary hero was shot through the heart and killed instantly. In all, his body suffered a half dozen bullet wounds, bruises, and cuts from hand-to-hand combat, but the selfless defense of his position and final charge to protect his comrades earned him our country's highest honor.

DIA Honors this hero with a design of our own representing the shattered frozen earth Chapman died on to take from the enemy. Fighting alone on a mountaintop until his final breath.

A true American hero!


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