Supporting the lives of Veterans, First Responders, & their Families

By David, DIA Founder & CEO

From the inception of DIA in 2021, my goal was to design and sell gear that helps spread the message that each and every single one of us already has what it takes to be great. The only thing that is required is Discipline, Intensity, and Action every day towards whatever you and I think or feel will make us great.

In turn, working toward greatness will instill in us a sense of personal satisfaction and happiness.

This is not the common message in today’s day in age where there are multiple competing distracting forces, like the government, long held & believed social-constructs, new-age agendas, corporations, celebrities, etc. that spread messages that you and I just need this one thing, more education, or need to do their bidding in order to achieve greatness & happiness.

In my opinion, this is false and manipulative. Greatness, happiness, and personal satisfaction should come through the individual. And the beauty of each and every one of us working towards greatness is that everyone around us will also benefit.

In addition to spreading the DIA message, I also wanted to give back. Because my business partner and I are United States Marine Corps Veterans, we understand the sacrifice service members, and their families, made in support and protection of our country. We hold veterans in high regard because they wanted to be and have achieved greatness. Some service members even going as far as giving their lives.

DIA gives back by donating proceeds to organizations that support the lives of Veterans, First Responders, & their Families. Very frequently we are asked how much we give to these organizations or what percentage of proceeds from each sale we donate.

The answer is simple:
We donate proceeds from the sale of all DIA gear.

What’s hard to answer is the amount or percentage. And this is why:
We are still a startup. We have no profits. We are a two-person team using money from our days jobs to keep DIA up, running, and growing.

So, in addition to trying to spread our message, keep the stories and memories of fallen service members and first responders alive, we still donate money to these organizations.

Organizations such as:

  • Flanders Fields
  • Children of Fallen Patriots
  • The Paddy Brown Foundation (Captain Paddy Brown was a USMC vet), &
  • Operation Allies Refuge Foundation

And these donations are made on top of financial losses to DIA.

But we will continue to spread our message and support organizations that support the lives of Veterans, First Responders, & their Families, even at a financial loss.

As DIA grows into a larger organization, our goal is to donate more. What we are trying to avoid is what most organizations do, which is scream “Look at us! We donate to X, Y, and Z!” This is not DIA and never will be.

In our minds, our message and keeping the stories and memories of fallen service members alive is sorely needed today or we risk the continued downfall of individual greatness and forgetting great heroes.

If you have any questions or know of good organizations that support the lives of Veterans, First Responders, & their Families, please reach out.

Sincerely & Respectfully,
David @ DIA
Semper Fi!
August 26, 2023