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We cannot be allowed to forget August 26, 2021. The terrorist attack on the Kabul Airport during the botched US withdrawal from Afghanistan was both avoidable and unnecessary.

To this very day, no government officials, looking at you President Biden and team, nor any military leadership who "planned" the catastrophe have been held accountable.

However, they will most definitely talk about Russian accountability in Ukraine all day long as long as it helps everyone forget what happened on that day in August.

We at DIA are US Marines ourselves and this attack felt personal.

And the evasion of responsibility feels like a smack in the face of our service as well. That's why we created this shirt to help everyone remember that this tragedy happened so it doesn't disappear in the news cycle.

Americans died.

Great Americans like Sgt. Nicole Gee stated that she "loved her job" while cradling an Afghan child at the Kabul airport days before her life was taken by the suicide bomber.


Every single cent we make from the sale of the DIA Remember Kabul 13 goes to the families of the victims of that horrible attack. We don't even keep a penny for so-called "admin" costs. We just want people to wear the shirt and remember these brave servicemen and women.

Use this link to get your shirt:

DIA Remember Kabul 13

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