"AGE WITH TRUE GRIT" - Randy Westfall

"AGE WITH TRUE GRIT" - Randy Westfall

Randy Westfall spent the last (10) years with the US State Department, Diplomatic Security Division, Worldwide Protective Services, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Because Randy was in his late 60's and early 70's during these deployments, working to maintain peak functional fitness was essential in these high threat environments.

Randy began to be noticed in the gym for his unique approach to functional fitness workouts. His peers, many 30+ years younger, were amazed at his strength and workouts at his age. This led many of them to request his guidance and counsel on his personal workout programs. Many were former Special Forces, some were Federal Agents, and others played a less physical function such as support personnel. His program can be adapted to anyone. Randy has counseled both male and female personnel regardless of their fitness level.


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