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And no, we aren’t advocating that you pillage and steal your way to success. But the Vikings left their frozen lands for a better life. Most of them were farmers in search of lands to cultivate to provide lasting stability for their families.

But in the 9th century no medieval lord was going to give it to them because they asked for it. So they took it.

Today we have those same aspirations. Stability for our families. Freedom to make our own choices. A desire for prosperity instead of struggle. And you can have all that. You just have to take it. No one’s going to hand you money or a job or anything else. So you take it by working hard. Creating the life you want through a side hustle, a new business venture, or seeking an opportunity better than what the boss is giving.

The alternative is to scratch away at the soil for the rest of your life hoping something different happens to grow. Or to be a peasant waiting for the lords (bosses) to recognize your worth.

Seize your destiny! Set sail for a new horizon and make your new life!

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